Requirements for foreign workers in Poland

Poland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Ukrainian citizens who want to work there, and for some even to live. Many Ukrainians are expressing their willingness to take up employment in Poland.

What are the main requirements for foreigners, especially Ukrainians, who want to work there?

The first and most important requirement is a work visa. This is what gives you the right to work legally in Poland. It is also currently possible to take up employment in Poland and take advantage of a 3-month visa-free stay, which is very convenient for those who are going there for the first time and are not sure if they are ready for a longer stay.

Other requirements for Ukrainians depend on the type of future activity.

If the applicant is looking for a mental, office job, such as a teacher or doctor (where the diploma must be nostrified), they must be fluent in Polish or English.

For Ukrainians who work physically, knowledge of the Polish language is welcome, but if the employee does not know it, it will not affect their work. Often a group of workers from Ukraine in a factory or other workplace is managed by a Ukrainian citizen, with whom there are no language problems. Polish employers also increasingly understand this language, and sometimes hire a translator.

Some Ukrainian workers come to Poland to work on plantations. In this case, gender or language skills are not important, only good physical condition and endurance are important. Workers harvest crops for 10-12 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, regardless of the weather. This work usually lasts a few weeks, as long as there are crops to harvest.

Similar requirements apply to household helpers, caregivers for the elderly – full availability and good understanding of the Polish language are required, the better we know it, the higher the salary.

In Poland, there are quite a few job offers that also require a driving license. These include truck drivers, operators of construction and agricultural machinery, and forklift operators. Drivers are usually required to have a C-E category driving license and at least 2 years of work experience. Such requirements are justified by the high salary: working as a driver, you can earn from 900 to 1,700 euros per month.

Finding a job in Poland is not difficult, especially when comparing Poland’s requirements for foreigners to those of other European countries.