Top 7 useful smartphone apps that will save you time and money

Phones have long ceased to be just a communication tool, they are now essential elements of our pockets and bags: we take them to work, to the pharmacy, to the supermarket.

It is very important to have a phone with you when you are in a foreign country, because now everything is in the phone (well, almost everything).

We have prepared a selection of the most necessary applications that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Applications that will definitely come in handy:


Diia is an application from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Here you can display your passport, vaccination certificate, and driver’s license. Electronic documents can be very useful if you accidentally forget the paper ones.

Google Maps or Jakdojade

When arriving in a new city, many people experience the fear of getting lost. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can use maps online or, if there is no internet connection, follow a map of the city that you have downloaded in advance. The applications indicate the type of transport that is best to use, the approximate travel time, and the cost of the trip itself.

Moja Gazetka

Moja Gazetka is an app for those who want to buy everything at the best possible price. Here you will find the best offers from the largest Polish stores, which allows you to buy products at a price that is significantly lower than the initial one.


If you are suddenly late or something unexpected happens and you need to get to a certain place urgently, the Bolt taxi network will come to your aid. This application allows you to send your location to friends and family, see where your driver is, and also offers the lowest prices on the market.


A service that allows you to purchase tickets for public transport and trains. If you don’t like paying cash and constantly looking for change, this app is for you.


Many Ukrainians who work in Poland often send packages to their relatives in Ukraine. International mail is an indispensable service for those who want to stay in touch with their loved ones. The TravelPost application allows you to track the movement of your package and save money on shipping costs.


These are just a few of the many useful applications that can make your life in Poland easier. We hope you find them helpful.

Here are some additional tips for using these apps:

  • Diia: Make sure you have a valid Ukrainian passport and driver’s license to use the app.
  • Google Maps or Jakdojade: Turn on location services to get the most accurate directions.
  • Moja Gazetka: Check the app regularly to see the latest deals.
  • Bolt: Book your ride in advance to get the best price.
  • MoBilet: Download the app before you need it to avoid long lines at the ticket office.
  • TravelPost: Compare prices from different carriers to find the best deal.