Student status in Poland (Student ID card)

A student ID card is a document confirming that a student is studying at a particular university. It can serve as both an identity document and a basis for benefits and discounts.

What rights does a student ID card give in Poland?

The main benefits of a student ID card for Poland are:

  • 50% discount on public transport.
  • 51% discount on train tickets, long-distance buses (only for students under 26 years of age)

However, any business entity can provide discounts for students. This is most often the case with:

  • museums
  • libraries (can use ELS as a pass)
  • cinemas
  • hotels
  • theaters
  • shops

However, the main advantage of the ID card is that foreign students do not need to obtain a work permit, regardless of the reason for their stay in the country.

Graduates of Polish educational institutions do not need to obtain additional work permits in the country either.

Those who study at a police school can also count on a student ID card, but not always.

If you are under the age of 26 and the police school issues a student ID card, you will obtain full student status.

As for graduates of police schools, a work permit will not be required if you have received a diploma (issued after passing a state exam), not just a certificate of completion of studies. However, this depends on whether the school has the necessary accreditation and whether the specialty itself is accredited.

You can check whether a particular school is accredited on the website of the province.

The school itself must provide information about the chosen specialty.

Here are some additional details about the benefits of a student ID card in Poland:

  • Public transport: Students can get a 50% discount on public transport tickets. This applies to all forms of public transport, including buses, trams, trains, and ferries.
  • Rail and bus tickets: Students can get a 51% discount on rail and bus tickets for long-distance travel. This applies to tickets purchased both in Poland and abroad.
  • Other discounts: Students can often get discounts on a variety of other goods and services, including museum admissions, theater tickets, and restaurant meals.
  • Work permit exemption: Foreign students who are enrolled in a full-time degree program at a Polish university do not need to obtain a work permit. This means that they can work part-time in Poland without any restrictions.

To obtain a student ID card, students must apply to their university or school. The application process usually involves providing proof of enrollment, such as a student card or transcript.

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