What specialists are needed in Poland? A list of the most sought-after professions for Ukrainians

In Poland, more and more people of working age are leaving the country in search of interesting and better-paying jobs. As a result, foreign workers are needed. That’s why Ukrainian workers are also welcome and in demand.

In the case of manual labor, knowledge of the Polish language and ten years of experience are not required for employment, but of course having these skills and experience will be an advantage.

What professions and industries are in demand in Poland?


Cities in Poland are dynamically expanding and there is almost always a shortage of workers on construction sites. In the construction industry, there is a demand for concrete workers, reinforcement workers, specialists in finishing work, bricklayers, plasterers, tile setters, and installers of building structures, such as drywall, window frames.

Salaries start at PLN 2,950 per month and can reach up to PLN 10,000.


In the industrial sector, operators of machines, welders, electricians, electromechanics, but also, for example, tailors and specialists in sewing clothes are particularly sought-after. Salaries in this industry vary: for example, the average salary of a machine operator in Poland is PLN 4,500, and welders earn more – around PLN 5,000-6,000.


Ukrainian workers often go to Poland to do seasonal work – picking vegetables, fruits, and berries. This work is characterized by quite difficult conditions: you have to work a lot and in any weather. For such work, you can earn from PLN 4,000 to 5,000 per month.


This is a sector of the economy that is constantly developing. Warehouse workers and warehouse workers are in unprecedented demand among employers, especially people with forklift driving licenses. The highest salaries are received by people with experience in operating the so-called high storage.


In conclusion, the most sought-after professions for Ukrainians in Poland are in the following industries: construction, industry, agriculture, and logistics. These professions are characterized by high demand and relatively good salaries.