Free online translation services you may need in Poland

Despite the similarities between Ukrainian and Polish, not all Ukrainians who come to Poland immediately learn Polish. As a result, many of them have to use online tools to facilitate communication with Poles at home, at work, or in school.

Sparta Jobs presents five free programs and translation services that may be useful for you and your Polish friends.

1. Google Translate

This is the most popular online dictionary for Polish and Ukrainian. Many people are familiar with it because it is available on every computer. It can be used through a browser or downloaded to Android or iOS. A special feature of Google Translate is the voice translator, which allows you to get an instant translation in real time.

2. LikarPL

This translator was created at the beginning of last year at the initiative of the Polish Ministry of Health to facilitate communication between doctors and patients. It is available through a browser and consists of two parts: for doctors and for patients. The patient can fill out a special form with basic information about their health in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, or English using a computer or mobile phone.

3. Webtrans

Webtran does not have a mobile version, but it can be easily opened in the browser of a mobile phone or tablet (requires an internet connection, the offline application does not work). The site is free and very easy to use. Simply select the source language and the translation language, enter a single phrase or entire text, and you will receive an instant translation.

4. iTranslate

iTranslate is a great mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to translate text from Polish to Ukrainian and vice versa. The app offers various translation methods, including written and audio translation. Additionally, iTranslate has a rich vocabulary and thesaurus for many languages (over 100).

5. Translator for Android

If you need a Polish-Ukrainian translation app for your Android phone, this is the best option. It has an intuitive and simple interface, so you won’t have any problems. Simply enter the text in the top window, select the translation language, and press the button in the middle of the screen. You will also have the ability to view the translation history offline, write in voice, and translate phrases and expressions. The app also includes a speech translation feature from Polish to Ukrainian.

Here are some additional details about the translation services mentioned above:

  • Google Translate is the most comprehensive and accurate translation service available. It is constantly being updated with new data and features.
  • LikarPL is a specialized translation service designed for medical purposes. It is accurate and reliable, and it is used by many doctors and patients in Poland.
  • Webtrans is a simple and straightforward translation service that is easy to use. It is a good option for basic translation needs.
  • iTranslate is a powerful and versatile translation app that offers a variety of features. It is a good option for anyone who needs to translate text or speech between multiple languages.
  • Translator for Android is a reliable and affordable translation app for Android phones. It is a good option for anyone who needs to translate text between Polish and Ukrainian on the go.
(Polski) Bezpłatne usługi tłumaczeniowe online, których możesz potrzebować w Polsce