(Polski) Złożenie deklaracji podatkowej za 2023 rok: nie przegap terminu!

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(Polski) Jak zmieniło się rolnictwo w Polsce w latach 2022-2024?

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Traveling with a Residence Card: New Opportunities for Foreigners in Poland

Foreign nationals living in Poland often face travel restrictions within Europe due to visa requirements and documentation issues.   With the introduction of the residence card in Poland, foreigners now have a unique opportunity to travel across the Schengen area without the need for additional visa processing.   Residence card holders can freely travel within… [→]

Housing Start’ Program in Poland: Making Apartment Purchase More Accessible

Many families in Poland face the challenge of purchasing their own apartment due to high prices and difficulties in securing loans.   The Polish government is launching the ‘Housing Start’ program, providing financial support to families wishing to purchase their own home. A unique feature of the program is the absence of an age criterion… [→]

Three Kings’ Day in Poland: Celebrating on January 6th

Many residents of Poland and tourists are not fully aware of the significance and traditions of Three Kings’ Day, celebrated on January 6th. This leads to a misunderstanding of the country’s cultural nuances.   Three Kings’ Day is an important holiday in Polish culture, marking the arrival of the Magi to the baby Jesus. It’s… [→]

babciowe Benefit in Poland: Support for the Elderly

In Poland, as in many other countries, the older generation often faces financial difficulties. Pensions are not always sufficient to cover everyday expenses, especially considering the rising costs of medication and medical care.   In response to these issues, the Polish government has introduced a new benefit called “babciowe”. This program is intended to provide… [→]

Obtaining Housing Subsidy for Rented Apartments in Poland: Reality or Myth?

Given the rising rental housing prices in Poland, many tenants are facing financial difficulties. The increasing cost of living threatens the stability and comfort of many families, forcing them to seek additional support. Fortunately, the Polish government offers housing subsidies that can help tenants reduce their financial burden. This program is designed to ensure housing… [→]


For what offenses can you lose your driver’s license in Poland?

September 22, 2023 Drivers in Poland must obey traffic laws to avoid losing their driver’s license. Some offenses are punishable by a fine, while others are punishable by the loss of a driver’s license for a period of several months to several years. The most common causes of driver’s license loss in Poland are: Driving… [→]

(Polski) Kredyt hipoteczny 2% w Polsce: warunki i wymagania

Mortgage loan at 2% in Poland: terms and requirements

Government program to support the purchase of apartments in Poland launched on July 1, 2023 The Polish government has launched a new program to support the purchase of apartments. Under the terms of the program, the state will subsidize banks for mortgage loans, which will allow them to offer a rate of 2%. Who can… [→]

(Polski) Gdzie pojechać na wakacje w Polsce jesienią?

Where to go on vacation in Poland in the fall?

Fall is a great time to travel to Poland. At this time, vacation prices are lower than in the summer, and nature is still beautiful. Here are a few ideas for where to go on vacation in Poland in the fall: Tatras are a great choice for lovers of active recreation. Here you can go hiking,… [→]

(Polski) Ile kosztuje akademik dla studentów w Polsce w różnych miastach

How much does a student dorm cost in Poland in different cities

Poland is one of the most popular study destinations for international students. The country has over 500 universities and other higher education institutions that offer English-language programs. One of the important questions that concerns students who are going to study in Poland is the cost of living. One of the accommodation options for students is… [→]

(Polski) Praca na umowie zlecenia i świadczenia w przypadku wypadku przy pracy

Work on a contract for services and benefits in the event of an accident at work

Work on a contract for services is one of the most popular types of employment in Poland. However, many employees do not know that in the event of an accident at work, they are also entitled to benefits from their employer. What benefits are available to an employee on a contract for services in the… [→]

(Polski) Zatrudnianie i praca cudzoziemców w Polsce bez zezwolenia. Kiedy to możliwe?

Employment and work of foreigners in Poland without a permit. When is it possible?

In Poland, as in other European Union countries, there are strict regulations governing the employment of foreigners. In order to work in Poland, a foreigner must obtain a work permit. However, there are a few exceptions where foreigners may work in Poland without a permit. When can foreigners work in Poland without a permit? Foreigners… [→]

(Polski) Karta MultiSport w Polsce: co to jest i kto może ją otrzymać

MultiSport Card in Poland: What is it and who can get it?

MultiSport Card is a pass that entitles you to visit sports facilities and receive discounts on sports services in Poland. It is available to all residents of the country, as well as foreigners who live or work in Poland. The MultiSport Card allows you to visit sports facilities throughout the year, including: Fitness clubs Swimming… [→]

(Українська) :pl]Ocena najpopularniejszych turystycznie miast i powiatów w PolsceРейтинг найпривабливіших для туристів міст і повітів Польщі

Ranking of the most popular tourist cities and counties in Poland

Poland is a country with a rich history and culture, as well as beautiful landscapes. This makes it an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. According to data from the Polish Tourist Organization, in 2023, over 20 million tourists visited the country. This is 10% more than the previous year. The most… [→]

(Polski) Karta szkolna: co to jest i jak ją zdobyć

School card: what it is and how to get it

A school card is a document that confirms that a student is attending school. It is essential for obtaining discounts and reductions, as well as for presentation when necessary. What does a school card give you? A school card gives you the right to the following discounts and reductions: Free travel by public transport Free… [→]

(Polski) Legalna praca w Polsce dla cudzoziemców: co warto wiedzieć

Legal work in Poland for foreigners: what you need to know

Poland is one of the most popular countries for labor immigration. In 2023, over 2 million foreigners were legally employed in the country. To work legally in Poland, a foreigner must have a valid work permit. There are two types of work permits in Poland: Work permit – a work permit that is issued for a… [→]

(Polski) Specjalny urlop w Polsce: co to jest i kiedy pracownik może go wziąć?

Special leave in Poland: what it is and when an employee can take it

What is special leave in Poland? Special leave in Poland is leave that is granted to an employee for important reasons unrelated to their work. It can be granted for family reasons, to care for a sick relative, or to perform state duties. Who can take special leave in Poland? All employees, including foreigners, have… [→]

(Polski) Zdalna praca w Polsce: wszystko, co musisz wiedzieć

Remote work in Poland: everything you need to know

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. According to a study conducted in 2023, about 20% of Poles work remotely. Types of remote work There are several types of remote work: Full remote work – the employee performs all of their duties from home or another remote location. Hybrid work – the employee works part-time in… [→]


How to obtain a permanent residence permit in Poland

A permanent residence permit (karta stałego pobytu) is a document that gives a foreigner the right to permanent residence in Poland. The card is issued for a period of 1 to 10 years and can be extended. To obtain a permanent residence permit, you must meet the following conditions: Have legal grounds for staying in… [→]

(Polski) Co zrobić, jeśli pracodawca nie wypłaca pensji w Polsce?

What to do if your employer doesn’t pay your salary in Poland?

If your employer doesn’t pay your salary, you should take the following steps: Talk to your employer about the situation. In some cases, the problem can be resolved through negotiations with the employer. You can try to explain the reason for the non-payment of your salary and agree on a payment schedule. Write a written… [→]

(Polski) Z jakimi problemami borykają się ludzie przeprowadzając się do Polski

What problems do people face when moving to Poland?

Poland is an attractive country that offers many opportunities for work, study, and life. However, moving to a new country always comes with some challenges. Here are some of the problems that people moving to Poland may face: Language barrier. Polish is a difficult language to learn, which can be a barrier to communication and integration… [→]



PESEL (Universal Electronic Population Register) is a unique 11-digit number assigned to all Polish citizens, as well as foreigners who live permanently in Poland. PESEL is used to identify a person and register them in various public institutions, including health care, education, and social services. Here is a breakdown of the PESEL number: The first… [→]

(Polski) Jak prawidłowo sporządzić CV do pracy w Polsce

How to write a CV for a job in Poland

A well-written CV is an important document that can help you find a job in Poland. It should be written correctly and clearly to attract the attention of the employer and make you stand out from other candidates. Here are some tips to help you write a correct CV for a job in Poland: Write… [→]

(Polski) Niebieska karta w Polsce: co to jest i jak ją uzyskać

Blue Card in Poland: what it is and how to get it

Who can get a Blue Card To obtain a Blue Card, you must meet the following requirements: Have a higher education that is recognized in Poland; Have a job offer from a Polish employer that offers a salary of at least PLN 15,840 gross per month; Know Polish at a level sufficient to perform work… [→]

(Polski) Policealna szkoła: czym jest i co może być przydatne

Vocational school in Poland: what it is and why it can be useful

What is a vocational school? A vocational school in Poland is a type of school that offers two-year programs of study in various specializations. Vocational schools are designed for adults who want to obtain vocational education and improve their qualifications. What is the curriculum of a vocational school? The curriculum of a vocational school is… [→]

(Polski) Jak samodzielnie poradzić sobie z legalizacją w Polsce dla obywateli Ukrainy

How to handle legalization in Poland for Ukrainian citizens on your own

To legally live and work in Poland, you need to obtain the appropriate documents. Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland after February 24, 2022, are subject to a simplified legalization procedure. They can obtain a special PESEL number, which gives them the right to work, study, medical care, and other social services. To obtain a… [→]

(Polski) Jak szybko i bezboleśnie zaadaptować się w Polsce

How to adapt to Poland quickly and painlessly

Poland is one of the most popular countries for employment of foreigners. It offers affordable prices, developed infrastructure, and a high standard of living. However, moving to another country always comes with some challenges. How to adapt to Poland quickly and painlessly? Learn the basics of Polish. Polish is the official language of Poland, and… [→]

(Polski) Przy przekraczaniu granicy Ukraina - Polska obowiązują następujące zasady wwozu towarów dla celów osobistych:

Rules for importing goods for personal use at the Ukraine-Poland border

Food products Vegetables and fruits: up to 5 kg Honey: up to 2 kg Coffee: up to 0.5 kg Tea: up to 0.5 kg Other food products: within reasonable limits for personal consumption Alcohol Beer: up to 5 l Wine: up to 4 l Strong alcohol: up to 1 l Cigarettes Two packs of cigarettes… [→]


What documents are necessary for a residence permit application

Many people who want to apply for a residence permit have difficulty understanding the necessary documents and the application process. This can cause stress and uncertainty, making it difficult to achieve the desired result. Get rid of unnecessary troubles and uncertainty! Do you want to get a residence permit to have the legal right to… [→]

(Polski) Bezpłatne usługi tłumaczeniowe online, których możesz potrzebować w Polsce

Free online translation services you may need in Poland

Despite the similarities between Ukrainian and Polish, not all Ukrainians who come to Poland immediately learn Polish. As a result, many of them have to use online tools to facilitate communication with Poles at home, at work, or in school. Sparta Jobs presents five free programs and translation services that may be useful for you… [→]

(Polski) Prawo jazdy w Polsce, czemu nie

Getting a driver’s license in Poland, why not

To get a driver’s license in Poland, you need to prepare for it. It is best to start training and pass the exam before buying a car, as sometimes we do not pass the exam from the first time and the time it takes to obtain a document authorizing you to drive a car is… [→]

(Polski) Status studenta w Polsce

Student status in Poland (Student ID card)

A student ID card is a document confirming that a student is studying at a particular university. It can serve as both an identity document and a basis for benefits and discounts. What rights does a student ID card give in Poland? The main benefits of a student ID card for Poland are: 50% discount… [→]

(Polski) Jak znaleźć inną pracę w Polsce po zwolnieniu?

How to find a new job in Poland after being fired?

Every Polish citizen, even a foreigner, has the right to change their job at any time if they are not satisfied with it and find a new one. As for a foreigner, they must remember to notify the Voivodeship of the type of residence permit in the country. There are several ways to get a… [→]

(Polski) Umowa o pracę a umowa cywilnoprawna – różnice

The employment contract and the civil law contract – differences

The type of contract concluded with the employer gives us different rights. It also determines the liability we bear when we make a mistake. Content and form The employment contract must contain specific information, such as the position, scope of duties, place and time of work, etc. The content of the document is based on… [→]

What specialists are needed in Poland? A list of the most sought-after professions for Ukrainians

In Poland, more and more people of working age are leaving the country in search of interesting and better-paying jobs. As a result, foreign workers are needed. That’s why Ukrainian workers are also welcome and in demand. In the case of manual labor, knowledge of the Polish language and ten years of experience are not… [→]

Requirements for foreign workers in Poland

Poland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Ukrainian citizens who want to work there, and for some even to live. Many Ukrainians are expressing their willingness to take up employment in Poland. What are the main requirements for foreigners, especially Ukrainians, who want to work there? The first and most important requirement is a… [→]

Are you sick in Poland? Where to go, what number to call, and how much it costs – you will read about it and more

Health is very important for everyone, but its condition is often unpredictable. You came to Poland, live and work here, when suddenly you feel unwell, whether it is due to the flu or a more serious illness. The situation becomes more alarming because you are in a different country and you do not know where… [→]

Top 7 useful smartphone apps that will save you time and money

Phones have long ceased to be just a communication tool, they are now essential elements of our pockets and bags: we take them to work, to the pharmacy, to the supermarket. It is very important to have a phone with you when you are in a foreign country, because now everything is in the phone… [→]

Public transportation in Poland: how to get there quickly, safely, and affordably?

It is no secret that public transportation in Europe, especially in Poland, is very well developed. Let’s take a look at what types of transportation exist in Poland, what are the features of this transportation, and the types of tickets. Metro Metro is only available in the capital of the country – Warsaw. Metro operates… [→]

How to rent a house in Poland: search engines, average cost, and what to look for when choosing an apartment

Housing is an important aspect of life in any country. We already wrote about the types of apartments in Poland for employees from Ukraine. Let’s remind you that some job offers on “Spartajobs” provide free accommodation, but not all. There are also employees who come with families or groups of friends, and it is often… [→]