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  • Processing under a "umowe zlecenie" contract
  • Legalization on Polish territory (residence card processing)
  • Timely payment of salary (10-15th of the following month)
  • Coordinator care
  • Office in the center of Krakow
    Lubicz 27/53, 31-503 Kraków
Employment agency Sparta Jobs

What We Offer:

Current vacancies: Our main feature is matching individuals to existing vacancies, not the other way around. You can explore a list of current job offers on our website, with postings updated almost daily.

Official Employment: We provide job invitations, allowing you to smoothly cross borders. After a certain period, employees can decide to continue working with visa documents or opt to extend their stay by obtaining a temporary resident card (our company help with it). We handle official employment, giving the choice to our workers.

Accommodation: While we don’t actively search for accommodation for candidates, most of the positions we offer include free housing.

Wage Growth: We assure consistent salary advancement for our permanent employees, and we additionally support employees in undertaking courses to acquire new qualifications, such as welding, forklift operation, or electrical work.

Importantly, all our job vacancies are entirely free!

Call us now: +48 731 403 008, +48 796 603 008 (WhatsApp)

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