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  • Processing under a "umowe zlecenie" contract
  • Legalization on Polish territory (residence card processing)
  • Timely payment of salary (10-15th of the following month)
  • Coordinator care
  • Office in the center of Krakow
    Lubicz 27/53, 31-503 Kraków
Employment agency Sparta Jobs

You don’t have enough employees?

Do you want to skillfully adjust labour costs and the number of employees to the needs of your
company? Contact us and we will provide the right staff “tailored to the needs” of your company!
We offer professional leasing of employees primarily from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and, if necessary,
also from Asia.Importantly, all vacancies with us are absolutely free!

Phone: +48 731 403 008, +48 796 603 008.

Fast Implementation
High Quality
Wide range of employees
Huge experience
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